籤言。躍進-PET膠帶 Words of motivation PET masking tape
籤言。躍進-PET膠帶 Words of motivation PET masking tape
籤言。躍進-PET膠帶 Words of motivation PET masking tape
籤言。躍進-PET膠帶 Words of motivation PET masking tape

籤言。躍進-PET膠帶 Words of motivation PET masking tape



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PET材質|自帶離紙|4cm x 10M|100cm循環

This is my 6th hand lettering PET tape, all about "motivation."

I was really in a difficulty period while wrote down these motivational words.
These quotes/words are not only for users, but also for myself to reminded me "Life is tough, and I have to passing through, for those who I love and whom love me!"

"Words of Motivation" PET tape dosen't have any glamorous printing colors,
but with every lines and curves are enlarged to 1200 times in computer to do the adjustment, soft printing color in brown to bring users a whole new different level of our hand lettering PET tapes.

I still believe that hand lettering can convey our emotion to others, enjoy :)

Products Info
PET(plastic masking tape) with releasing paper, 4cm x 10M, 100cm @loop

*PET Masking Tape Using Tips:
PET masking tape is one type of transparent masking tape, so no need to worry about if you stick it on the wrong place. 
Just like masking tapes, remove it and stick it again with your hands clean in order to make your artwork looks clean and neat :D

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